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  Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League Starting Sept. 9th
   (8/14/2017 1:42:12 PM)-- by: Deadman
 Comments (31)   
Here's the plan for the Warmachine & Hordes Journeyman league Starting September 6th 6:00 pm at Little Big Wars.
The cost will be $5 dollars per player.

I am making a few slight tweaks to the regular journeyman rules as are listed below.

I'm going to stick with MK III battle boxes to start.

The caster swap will get bumped up to week 3.

Points will be:

Week 1 - 0 points
Week 2 - 15 points
Week 3 - 15 points. Players can swap warcaster/warlock but that will be their caster for the remainder of the league.
Week 4 - 30
Week 5 - 30
Week 6 - 50

That will give plenty of time for painting if one wants to paint.

This is really to try to boost the WM/H community and FOR FUN. That's the important part.
  Warmachine & Hordes Summer Rampage July 8th at LBW
   (6/27/2017 5:23:56 PM)-- by: Deadman
 Comments (6)

I will be running this event at Little Big Wars on Saturday July 8th.

It's a one day event where you have a 50 point list with no more than 10 points of non-battlegroup models. You can change up your list from game to game and it's all about having fun.

Rules are in the link.

And there will be prizes. You do like prizes don't you?
  Warmachine & Hordes Summer Rampage
   (6/17/2017 1:21:13 PM)-- by: Deadman
 Comments (7)

Looking to run this event at Little Big Wars on a Saturday in July. It's a one day event where you have a 50 point list with no more than 10 points of non-battlegroup models. You can change up your list from game to game and it's all about having fun. Rules are in the link.

Please vote and comment which day will work best. I assume the 1st and 2nd are not great for anybody, but I'll still put the option on there.
  New Privateer Press game.
   (6/12/2017 8:36:16 PM)-- by: Big Dwarf
 Comments (2)   
Hey everyone,

I just saw this on the Tabletop Gaming News:

Company of Iron - A squad based skirmish game for Warmachine and Hordes with no warcasters or warlocks.

Release date is October 2017.

  Reminder bit swap and trade day at the store
   (5/10/2017 2:17:35 PM)-- by: smaul
 Comments (0)   
Lots of gamers signed up to come in and make great deals, free event.

  Cryx/Bane CID changes so far...
   (5/8/2017 9:55:58 PM)-- by: Deadman
 Comments (1)   
From the CID fourms

Desecrator – We felt this warjacks ranged output could use an increase in effectiveness.

Increase the RNG of the Plague Bearer to 12 and its POW to 14.

Bane Warrior Command Attachment – Moving Granted: Tough to the Standard Bearer makes the ability harder to remove from play. Removing the need to box enemy models as a requirement of Void Bringer makes it more reliable in unfavorable match ups.

Granted: Tough moved to the Standard Bearer.
Void Bringer changed to returning d3+1 models.

Bane Knights – Feedback showed that Bane Knights were under performing, please continue to test with this new point value and provide feedback.

Change point cost to 10/16.

Bane Riders – Increasing the threat range of Bane Riders has been a very common theme in feedback. It also has a nice synergy with Vengeance.

Increase the RNG of the Bane Blade to 2.

Mechanithrall – With the increase to DEF, Mechanithrall to cheap at 5/8.

Increase point cost to 6/9.

Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls – We want the Necrosurgeon to remain pertinent. Veteran Leader makes the Mechanithralls (and Brute Thralls) more effective on the battlefield while they are in close proximity to the Necrosurgeon.

Gains Veteran Leader [Mechanithralls]

Bane Lord Tartarus – As a passive ability Veteran Leader is easier to use with regards to order of operations, and is a nice bump for Agathia

Change Curse to Veteran Leader [Bane].
Increase MAT to 8.

Wraith Engine – This removes the counter intuitive interaction between Soul Bondage and Cleave.

Replace the text of Soul Bondage with the following:
Once per round when a living enemy warrior model is destroyed while within 2˝ of this model, you can replace the destroyed model with a Machine Wraith solo. The destroyed model is removed from play and does not provide a soul token.

Dark Host Theme Force – Darragh Wrathe brings magic attacks and an assortment of capabilities that support this theme force. Allowing the Wraith Engine to count toward the points for free models is a solid quality of life change for a model we want to see in this theme.

Darragh Wrathe can be included in the Dark Host theme force.
Replace the first special rule with the following:
For every full 20 points of units and battle engines in this army, you can add one command attachment or medium or smaller based solo to the army free of cost. Free models do not count toward the total point value of units in the army when calculating this bonus.

Infernal Machines Theme Force – We wanted to allow the Wraith Engine to be Infernal Machine theme force.

The Wraith Engine Battle Engine can be included in the Infernal Machine theme force.

The bane riders are looking much better, I may have to assemble them.
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